A Broad Range of Test Equipment

Maintaining optimum quality in concrete and cement mixtures means controlling materials usage and production conditions, as well as accurate mixture analysis. 

This means there are many opportunities and requirements for accurate and timely testing. The onus is on manufacturers to use the correct test methods and equipment to achieve the required quality at a cost effective price. All the equipment and apparatus you could need for concrete materials testing is available through Novanna Testing.

The suitability of a concrete mix for its intended application can often be tested before setting commences. A key factor is workability, which can be tested in a number of ways, including Flow, Slump and Vebe, each assessing the viscosity of the mixture, and its suitability for purpose.

Advances in concrete technology and science mean that modern mixtures can be designed to give specific characteristics, and these can be assessed by laboratory testing of moulded prisms or by taking core samples. Again, there is a range of equipment on this site for creating and testing prisms, cubes and core samples.

Air entrainment is another factor that can be accurately measured with equipment from Novanna Testing. Concrete workability is often increased through additives, and these require air content to be checked. Resistance to weathering is also affected by air entrainment. 

These are just a few of the factors and characteristics that you can test and measure with equipment and apparatus from Novanna Testing. Why not browse the rest of the website and seee for yourself?