Weather Brings Challenges and Opportunities for Construction Com

Weather Brings Challenges and Opportunities for Construction Com

Well, there's no doubt the winter weather has brought more than its usual amount of mayhem so far this season, with record waves and storms in the UK, astonishing low temperatures in the US and Canada and a rash of unusually extreme weather events around the world.

Naturally, this brings its share of challenges, with construction necessarily halted where conditions are too extreme to continue - too cold for concrete to cure, too windy to work ouside or simply because access has become impossible. 

But of course the damage and disruption done by the weather, wind and waves means tremendous opportunities for companies in a position to help with the repair and rebuilding process. Tens of millions of pounds worth of damage have been done to the coasts of the British Isles alone. While local authorities might have to be careful with their expenditure on repairs, they can't ignore the dangers created by unstable walls, impassable roads and buildings teetering on collapse. Neither can the government ignore the increased vulnerability of many coastal towns caused by the erosion and destruction of sea defences.

In the US, the cost is almost certainly much higher, but may not be known until the thaw. No doubt there will be a lot of work to do, as well as delayed work to catch up on.

So, while we have to feel immense sympathy for people affected by the weather, there's no doubt that the destructive forces unleashed in recent weeks will have accelerated the perpetual and ongoing maintenance and repair programmes that are a permanent part of civil and local government budgets. 

There's much work to do. How are you set to step in and help?

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